Monthly Archives: June 2011

So what’s Cinders about?

It’s been pointed to us that — while we published a ton of screenshots and art from Cinders — we haven’t really disclosed much about the game’s story.   Normally, I don’t like talking too much about the more ephemeral … Continue reading

When should I go indie?

When I got interested in making games for a living several years ago, I’ve read many opinions on when one should try going full-time indie. Most took form of warnings, like: “don’t leave your job to become indie”, “don’t start … Continue reading

Cinders pre-orders are open!

Cinders pre-orders are now open for Mac and PC! You can purchase the game for $19.95, and get to play the preview version right away.     If you don’t know if it’s your kind of game, check the trailer … Continue reading

Making the games you want to play?

I was meaning to write about something else this week, but a recent conversation with a promising starting indie made me think a lot about what motivates me to make games.   He asked me if I’m making Cinders, because … Continue reading

Dramatic theme from Cinders

Here’s another piece of Cinders soundtrack. A spirited theme playing during the game’s most dramatic events. We hope you like it.     You can also check it to see the lake location in motion. This time I managed to … Continue reading