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Why I called my wife in GTA V

I have to admit that up until GTA V, I never liked Grand Theft Auto series.   I guess I just didn’t see the appeal of playing awful people doing awful things, and the dissonance between the destructive sandbox and … Continue reading

Better Gameplay Balance: Gaming the Numbers

In my last blog post, I talked about how good gameplay balance goes beyond the spreadsheets and relies on understanding how players perceive and evaluate their choices.   But let’s be honest — at the end of the day, you … Continue reading

Better Gameplay Balance: Beyond the Spreadsheets

When you only start learning how to draw, you doodle. It’s fun and it sometimes even looks okay. Then you begin to grasp the rules of anatomy and composition, and everything changes. Now you know how to visualise something properly. … Continue reading

Cinders Postmortem #1: The Game Itself

It’s almost exactly half a year since Cinders‘┬álaunch. Six months is ample time for anything that could happen to happen. What was to be achieved, is achieved. What didn’t work out can’t be fixed anymore. In other words — with … Continue reading

Design Boost Camp

Being an indie can get very lonely. It’s my main gripe with it so far. I don’t have problems with motivating myself, work/life balance is hard but not impossible, and money issues and overall uncertainty are balanced out by the … Continue reading